How Do You Know if You are Intuitive?

Being intuitive is something that took me a long time to understand.  I thought all people had these feelings and abilities, but it turns out it is something quite special.  Recently, at a child’s party, one little girl was on the outskirts and my soul ached for her. I could visibly see her discomfort and when I brought it to the attention of a few of the other girls they simply said they didn’t notice because she had been joining in and laughing at times.

They didn’t notice? It’s all I could notice and all I could feel. That’s when I realized that being intuitive is not just innate, it’s a gift. Being intuitive allows us to see a situation from all vantage points and really understand what other people may be feeling.

How do you know if you are intuitive?  That’s an excellent question and one I didn’t have the answer to until recently.  I’ve found that there are 8 major signs to recognize if you have the gift of being intuitive.

1. You are an excellent judge of character.

You never make assumptions about a person based on how they look, but more importantly, how they make you feel.  Sometimes you may meet someone that you automatically feel uneasy around or you may meet a person that makes you feel instantly at ease.  That is your intuition, it is powerful and rarely wrong. Start to explore this next time you go to a store and really question your initial reaction to everyone you encounter. You may be surprised at how much you can discover without even speaking to them.

2. You are always aware of your surroundings.

The woman struggling with her screaming baby in the grocery store aisle, the man who is obviously stressed from work on the subway, the child who is acting out to gain his parent’s attention –  you see them all. You don’t just see them and shake your head in disgust, you feel their struggles and for a moment you may feel their distress. It may become overwhelming to cope with when you are in crowded areas, because there is just too much to take in and too many feelings rushing through you.  When this happens, you have to remember to focus on your own breath and your own feelings.

3.You are an introvert.

This trait is a direct result of the other characteristics of being intuitive.  It can be daunting to socialize with other people when you are constantly swarmed with their emotions.  It’s as if a large marching band is playing in your head and you cannot escape the sound. Everyone else seems perfectly at ease and you feel like an emotional wreck.  Not to mention, you know when the other people’s emotions suddenly shift and you feel the need to “fix it”. Sometimes, it is downright exhausting and therefore easier to escape and be alone with your own thoughts.  Do not feel guilty about this, everyone has to recharge sometimes.

4. You have memorable dreams.

Have you ever had a dream about an event and then it happened?  Maybe received a message about something in a dream or dreamed of someone you haven’t seen in years and then saw them the next  day, You may have thought to yourself, what a coincidence, but deep down you know that it is more. Signs like that don’t just come by coincidence.  For example, in a dream once, my deceased grandfather paid me a visit and while we were talking he leaned over and tapped my throat. Then he said “You need to get that checked out.”  I could still feel it when I woke up and made a doctor’s appointment. After an ultrasound, they determined that I had a cyst on my thyroid. I could have ignored the dream, but chose to acknowledge my intuition and make an appointment.  I am so glad that I did.

5.You are cognizant of your effect on others.

This is the one that I find most people lack.  Each day I strive to never intentionally hurt anyone around me.  I may falter sometimes, as we all do, but I am painfully aware of the impact my actions have on others.  Occasionally, I can take it too far, to the point where I am apologizing for bumping into inanimate objects.  I can instantly feel the moment when I emotionally hurt another person and I am filled with horrible regret. Being intuitive can have it’s advantages of helping you to work well with others or have diverse groups of friends, but it can also make you want to hide under the floorboards.

6.You are a great compromiser.

You can see everyone’s side of the story.  Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could do this?  You may not agree with a person’s choices, but you can understand how they arrived at their decision.  Being intuitive helps you understand how people tick, what their motivation may be, and predict their future actions.  This is a wonderful gift to have in the workplace when dealing with employees and even coworkers. Being intuitive also comes in handy if you work with kids, because you can usually predict their behavior and prevent them from following through with bad choices.

You overanalyze EVERYTHING.

You lay awake thinking in bed at night or you just stand in the shower and stare at the wall remembering all of the events of the day.  You text a friend and they don’t text you back – oh no – something must have happened. All you can think of is all the ways you could have upset them or maybe you sense that there is something wrong with them and you have to check on them.  All of these are your intuition and it can make you feel a little crazy sometimes. Chances are, the other person is just busy, but your mind will not rest until you know the full story.

You always go with your gut.

This one is simple.  GO WITH YOUR GUT! You know how to answer the question, you know if something is safe or dangerous, you can FEEL it.  Reason always tries to come into play and it is very important to take into consideration, but in the end, you know you should follow your gut. Your intuition has been given to you a strong and powerful gift. Use it to always help others, to give a voice to those afraid to speak, and to help yourself as you navigate through life.

There are going to be skeptics, people who scoff and say that intuition is a bunch of hokum, but I can assure you that it is not.  Being intuitive is truly a gift that you should be grateful to have received. At times, it can be a burden, but I promise you that learning to focus on the needs and welfare of others will help you greatly in life.  Take time to go out this week and see if you can pick up other people’s feelings. Remember to always be kind to other people and to yourself, because you may now be more aware of the effect your words and actions have on others.

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