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National Read A Book Day

It seems there is a national day for all manner of things, but Read A Book Day is particularly dear to me.  As a small child, the only way my parents could get me to be still was with books. I loved them! Books were never far from reach during my childhood and they still aren’t today.  Before my daughter was born, I started reading to her every night and that has continued each night of her life. Now she loves to read and that makes my heart so happy. Reading benefits adults and children in so many aspects of life and I would like to share with you a few of the reasons you should read every day.

Stress Relief

Imagine sitting back in a nice warm bath with a book or perhaps snuggled in on your couch while it rains.  When you read you can slip out of the stress of everyday life and journey into the world on the pages of a book.  It may transport you to another time or another place, but while you are engrossed in the book, your own world can slip away for just a little while. I think every person should find something that truly intrigues them and spend some time each day reading about it. 

National Read A Book Day

Improved Focus and Mental Stimulation

In our fast-paced world, multitasking seems to be a requirement in most aspects of our lives. Work, school, kids, pets, friends, family, and  relationships can all become overwhelming, especially with the addition of the internet. However, reading a book requires focus to absorb what you are reading and when you are interested in the subject matter then you want to pay attention.  It is difficult to read a book and try to perform other tasks. This focus only strengthens as you read more often. Try reading for at least 20 minutes in the morning and at night. You will find that, over time, your focus improves in all areas of your life.  Not only will you find yourself paying attention more often, but reading stimulates many mental functions that could reduce the chance of Dementia or Alzheimers. Just like our muscles, the brain needs to be exercised regularly and reading is an excellent way to do it. 

National Read A Book Day

Broaden Your Imagination and Vocabulary

I love listening to children tell stories, because they are so full of imagination and excitement.  When you are a small child life seems full of endless possibilities and this beautiful imagination is fueled most by reading. You can envision the words in any way you like, allowing your imagination to travel wherever it wants.  While exploring new places through books, you can easily gain a broader vocabulary. Reading a word in its context helps you in understanding the word quickly and helps you learn how to use it in the future.  

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Improve Sleep Habits

As I said, we always read to my daughter before bed and now she reads to herself. That is how I was raised as well, each night I would pick out a book to be read or read myself.  To this day, when I go to bed or when my daughter goes to bed, we struggle to fall asleep if we have not read a book. When we read, we can often fall asleep and happily dream of our books.  My mom also had books on record that I would listen to and I remember dozing off with the wonderful stories in my head. Listening to or reading a story is much more conducive to restful sleep than a screen.  

National Read A Book Day

Increasing Awareness 

There is a huge, fascinating world out there and new things are always being discovered.  Reading is a simple and wonderful way to learn about the people and the world around you. Many things we don’t like or appreciate, because we simply do not understand them.  Reading opens your mind to the struggles and triumphs of others and gives you an insight into what drives them. There are places in this world that I may never see, but through the pages of a book I feel as though I have lived there.  Careers I may never have, people I may not meet, experiences I may never have – I can have them all just by escaping into the world of a book. 

I hope on Read A Book Day you will visit your local library or bookshop and pick out a book that truly interests you.  Read to your children, read to the elderly, read to your dog, or just read for your own pleasure. Just sit back, relax, and let the story take you on an adventure. 

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