7 Ways to Enhance Your Artistic Expression

My 8 year old daughter loves art and uses our kitchen table for her many messy projects.  When she is finished she always brings her masterpiece over to show me and she looks so incredibly proud of herself.  Unfortunately, I usually don’t know what it is she created, but the look of joy on her face means it doesn’t matter if it’s the best or worst, I love it because it brings her so much happiness.

I wish we could all retain that child-like mindset on creativity and create what we love just because it makes us happy. There are so many rules we have to follow in our lives so wouldn’t it be wonderful to just throw the rule book out the window and express ourselves openly in a creative way?  Here are seven suggestions for ways you can share your unique and special personality with others.

Painting, Drawing, and Sculpting

Art is an ideal way to express yourself, no matter the medium.  Don’t limit yourself to colors, design, or materials, just let your emotions guide you.


This has always been my answer to dealing with emotions and expressing myself.  I’ve always found that if I struggle to say it out loud I can write it down. Sometimes I write to explain my emotions to others, but I often write to explain them to myself.  I also enjoy creating stories that I know cannot happen in real life, but I can make them happen in a fictional world.


I was a dancer while growing up and I taught dance as an adult.  The passion for dance is something that stays with you for a lifetime.  Regardless of the type of dance you choose, the movement and rhythm provides the perfect outlet for self expression.


Whether performing music or listening to it, music seems to be completely intertwined with emotions and expression.  How often do you hear a song and think that is exactly what you are feeling? The musician probably felt that way too when they wrote it. Not only do you share your own thoughts and feelings performing a song, but you help other people explore their own.

Photography and Videography

What do you see that you want to share with the world?  We are all mesmerized by different things and that’s why people spend countless hours online looking at other people’s photos and watching their videos.  Photos and videos are a wonderful way to give the world a glimpse of who you are and what you love.


Performing onstage can be exhilarating for some and terrifying for others, but acting provides an opportunity to exude confidence you may lack in everyday life.  Sometimes when I am nervous about a situation I try to imagine myself as a character in a movie or play and ask myself what they would do. It’s easier to deal with some things when you take yourself out of it.


Oh how my grandmother tried to teach me to crochet, but unfortunately I am all thumbs.  I’ve always envied those that can create such beautiful things with yarn and thread. Whether it’s fashion, baby blankets, or cross-stitching, there is something unique and lovely about needlework.

There are many forms of self expression and I hope you will take time to discover what makes you happy! What can you create and share with the world?

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