• Definitive Guide On Human Resources Management And Training Tips
    It is often said that human capital is the most precious asset of organizations. Do you know why this statement is true? Because human resources – receptionists, managers, developers, cleaners, HR managers and all types of employees – are responsible for making organizations work and achieve the desired results. Guide to HR Management involves several … Read more
  • Personalities in the Workplace
    The workplace can be full of interesting, and often conflicting, personalities.  Over the years, I have worked in a multitude of environments that could be overwhelming at times due to the clashing of temperaments.  Understanding the different characteristics of your employees and co-workers is a vital facet to a happy and healthy workplace.   I’m going … Read more
  • Do You Love Your Job? Five Tips to Know if You Do.
    Do you love your job?  That seems to be a question people always ask me.   Seeing as how I have always worked with kids, it seems wrong for the answer to be no, but I have to wonder if I do. Steve Jobs once said “I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked … Read more
  • How Not to Become Complacent in your Business
    Owning a business can be arduous, it isn’t for the faint of heart. The responsibility and consequences of your actions ultimately all rest on your shoulders. What a heavy burden to bear! Do not despair, my friend, for even if the task seems insurmountable, there is a glorious freedom waiting for you. You may feel … Read more
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