This site is for sharing the many influences in life, how they shape who we are, and how they guide us on our life path. This is a lifestyle blog, one intended to grow with our ever-evolving purpose, by reframing our mindset, and helping us focus on fulfillment through exploring our deepest desires.

Yes, life is a journey, but our stories are what define us.

We tell stories that inspire creation, envisioning, and action through intent. We tell stories that influence your amazing, one of a kind, life story.
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Josette Dollar, About The Fluence Woman Blog

Josette Dollar

Hi, I’m Josette Dollar, a blogger, artist, wife and mama from Leesburg, GA. I’m also a certified Executive Life Coach & Consultant – I love helping others build businesses they love. This blog is all about the many influences in my life. I feel that I can relate to so many of you, and that’s why I love sharing my thoughts and all the things I’ve learned through my experiences. Ultimately I want to help others live a life they love, and that’s what this blog is all about.