Glamorise Magic Lift Posture Bra

Linda Andreson/ February 15, 2020/ Product Reviews



  • 6-level front closure
  • Wire-free design
  • Adjustable straps
  • Provides support for back and shoulders
  • Extra wide, padded straps
  • Criss-cross MagicLift® bands
  • High-quality fabric
  • Ideal for women with large busts
  • Hard to hide under the clothes
  • The cups are large for regular breasts
  • A little bit pricey

Glamorise Magic Lift Posture Bra

Functional luxury: 360 Support MagicLift Posture Bra by Glamorise

Glamorise bra featuring company’s patented Magic-Lift technology with extra posture support pulls shoulders back and provides firm and shaping support for the breast. Wireless and soft, padded yet compressed and reliable brace. Underpin and in the back provides additional support for the shoulders and serves as the ultimate correction for the posture. This is a smart front-lock model available in three basic colors: white, cafe, and black.

The outer layer of the double-layered cups of Glamorise Women’s Magic Lift Posture Back Support Bra is built up by 67% Nylon/Polyamide, 26% Polyester, 7% Elastane – all the high-quality fabrics that create a dependable yet breathable reinforcement for your bust and back. 

thumbUnique features of Glamorise MagicLift Bra

The bra is wireless, in the best tradition of the style that has been winning over consumers and shape wear creators alike. Fabrics and cuts created by modern technology guarantee that your underwear keeps its shape, and helps you keep yours for the years of ingratiating use. There is no hard wire to cut into your skin and cause pain and unattractive lines visible from under the top of your outfit, but the functionality of wire is taken on by the wide under-bust band instead.

An added layer of convenience is secured through the use of frontal closure with the hook-and-eye system, as well as the adjustable straps. The availability of sizes ensures that you can pick the correct size and adjust it using the two-level, six-row hook close. On the company’s website, you can book the services of a personal shopper to help you choose your perfect fit.

The criss-cross bands on the backside alleviate the pain by distributing the weight of the bust evenly. As a result, your posture is improved the moment you put on your bra, and you keep your back up and at ease at the same time for 12 hours straight, without as much as making an effort. 

The esthetically appealing exterior of the bra is created through the use of sleek materials and graphical forms that are as sophisticated as they are functional. Your bust acquires a naturally round and seductive form without creating creases or flab under your clothes. The very term MagicLift technology speaks for itself, defying gravity with the cutting-edge shape wear science. 

diamond Brand philosophy and availability

Glamorise is an American brand specializing in high-quality functional women’s underwear, with a strong focus on plus-size figures. The company’s history goes back to 1921, which gives it almost a full century of experience in advocating for inclusiveness, and thus a significant head start in promoting body positivity.

The company’s underwear is available in the U.S. and globally on the company’s official website. Local multi-brand retailers in Europe offer Glamorise products, including 360 Support Front-Close Posture-Back Bra, for economical shipping to any country of the world (to be certain your country is on the list, check Glamorise home page). Glamorise Women’s Magic Lift Posture Back Support Bra can be ordered at reasonable $51,00.