Delimira X-shaped Back Support Posture Bra Review

Linda Andreson/ January 22, 2020/ Product Reviews



  • Hook and eye front closure
  • Wire-free design
  • Adjustable straps
  • Provides back support
  • Helps with lifting & shaping
  • Multiple size options
  • Limited color selection
  • The bra tends to be smaller in size
  • Can be tight around the shoulders
  • Not breathable fabric
  • Tends to shrink with regular use

Delimira X-shaped Back Support Posture Bra Review

Presenting Delimira X-shaped Back Support Posture Bra

The support you can count on any day is provided by X-shaped Back Support Posture Bra, a wonderfully sleek model by Delimira. This product is a crossroad of sophistication and functionality that is quite rare. Created for women with more pronounced curves, it can be adjusted to perfection, fitting every unique body shape with equally satisfying results.

This Delimira bra will be your perfect match if you need to have the following tasks to be performed:

  • Shaping and lifting the bust
  • Relieving back pain
  • Providing invisible support that works for diverse wardrobe items
  • Correct posture
  • Being low-maintenance, heavy-duty piece of functional underwear

thumbMaterials and design

Delimira X-shaped Back Support Posture Bra materials are polyamide (81%) and spandex (19%). The model comes in White, Black, Taupe, Mystery Blue and Gentle Rose colors. The band sizes range from 34 to 48, and the cup size from B to G, running a full gamut as far as measurements go. The wide range of sizes helps to find a perfect fit, which is essentially important in a bra – incorrectly picked bra size will cause multiple problems in the long and short run.

Delimira posture bra features this understated classy chic that renders itself to so many breathtaking combinations. It can be worn with a vast range of clothes, both casual and high-brow. It is effortlessly cute, and makes you want to get this model in every color.

These fabrics provide resistance to abrasion, tearing and wear. The item is very light, resists water well (a feature that was enhanced by water repellent treatment in Delimira bra) and dries quickly; it also offers good wind protection. The material gives a very thin and smooth thread to the touch; it is no coincidence that in 1935 it was obtained during research to obtain a synthetic fiber alternative to silk. The main disadvantages of polyamide include poor breathability, the tendency to favor the appearance of bad smells and poor thermal insulation capacity.

The essential feature of spandex making up 19% of the materials used in Delimira posture is the high elasticity and the retraction force, which it maintains unchanged over time. In other words, spandex thread can stretch up to eight times its initial length and instantly return to the initial condition as soon as the tension is loose, securing better wear and tear resistance for Delimira bra that will keep its optimal support characteristics into many washes. Fit and comfort are the first and most appreciated consequences of this item.

diamondMain features

Delimira X-shaped back support underwear is non-padded, non-wired bra with an enveloping shape that controls posture during the day, distributing the weight of the bust and reliving the pain in the neck and back. Molded cups provide reinforced support and helping to improve posture.

Bottom of the cups are wide and lined with mesh; upper part of the cups is extendable for a better fit to the breast. Powernet band on the sides are added for reinforced support. The material is soft to touch, offering luxurious experience for your skin.

Adjustable, wide and comfortable straps ensure better breast position that helps to create this alluringly round form without spillage or cutting into the skin, totally zapping any possible flab. Front hook makes Delimira bra easy to remove. A touch of femininity is achieved thanks to the mesh details.

According to some Delimira X-shaped Back Support Bra consumer reviews, the comfort in wear somewhat diminishes after a while. Note that choosing the correct size with care will ensure the best results for the shape and comfort.

dollar2 About the brand, the price and availability

An average price for Delimira posture corrector bra is around $22.00, and it can be found on the official website of the brand or in retail stores online and on-land.

The bra is created by the Australian company Delimira focusing on offering women’s undergarments, specifically bras that are as diverse as female figures. The brand was started in 2005, and has built a community of loyal fans over the one and a half decades of its presence on the market of female underwear. The company celebrates feeling comfortable in the skin women are in, and takes into account multiple factors when creating their models.