What is a posture Bra?

Linda Andreson/ October 15, 2020/ My Researches

How common is bad posture?

Many would argue that poor posture is the product of the smartphone era – and it is hard to dis-agree with this statement. While slouching is not a scene that is exclusive to the day and age we live in, the modern lifestyle undeniably contributes a lot to the problem. Checking a message on your phone or surfing the web, you are not likely to hold your gadget up to your eyes level; in-stead, you lower your head, thus triggering an entire cascade of disruption in the alignment of your back muscles.

While the problem of poor body positioning is not only typical for women, the latter are more exposed to its detrimental effects. The weight of the bust, wearing of high-heeled shoes and pregnancy factor in heavily when it comes down to maintaining your back erect. Wouldn’t it be nice to counter these factors with one essential piece of functional clothing?


Postural shapewear for women

Posture correction apparel includes bras that can soothe and support the back muscles, even those that are underused. It promotes a physiologically correct upright position of the back, prevents and alleviates the discomfort associated with bad posture. Such a bra evenly distributes the weight of the bust, which reflects the natural movement properties of the muscles and favors cor-rect posture.

Best part? You achieve all of the above quite effortlessly. A posture corrector bra “reminds” your body of the correct shoulder alignment and spine position by gently hugging and prodding your back. Comfortable and supportive, postural bra serves as a wireframe for ideal posture.

However, it is still a regular piece of lingerie that can be used day in, day out. As a rule, posture correcting bras come with quite significant lift reinforcement for your front, which comes in es-pecially handy if you are of the heavy-chested tribe. As an added benefit, such bras tend to pro-vide more efficiency in lifting and shaping using the same force that straightens your back. As a result, your position in space is more assertive, and your breast form is retouched by a powerful shaping.


Ortorex Wireless Bra Posture Corrector

The mechanics behind posture corrector bras

How is posture corrector bra different from your usual run-of-the-mill underwear? First of all, the architecture of shapewear bras is thought through by specialists in orthopedics and medical wear. And this is what holds the back health engineering together:

  • Criss-cross bands on the back panel that align the shoulders and hold them in physiologi-cally correct position thanks to the pulling power. Some models, like this posture correc-tor bra by Ortorex, will reinforce this effect with layered breathable mesh that beds the bands and provides extra comfort in wear.
  • Wide wing panel/undercup panel that ensures soft support and prevents cutting of the edge into the skin caused by the bust weight.
  • Frontal closure that helps to control the weight of the chest and adds to the lifting power; besides, this type of closure is more convenient in wear.
  • Breathable, hygroscopic and/or antibacterial fabrics created with modern technologies to ensure extra comfort and delicate touch to the skin.
  • Lightly padded or unlined cups with full coverage; many models have a 3-section cup construction to provide an optimal fitting that in its turn offers additional improvement of weight distribution, lifting and shaping.
  • Wire-free construction that is extra-friendly for the skin, as it causes no added pressure or soreness during extended wear and body movements.
  • Wide and soft adjustable straps that zap the tenderness and stiffness in the neck region caused by gravity.

Who can wear posture corrector bras?

It is a common misconception that only women with bigger chests will benefit from a posture corrector shapewear. As has been referred to in the initial paragraphs, poor postural habits are not associated exclusively with an improper distribution of the bust weight. Anyone who finds it challenging to keep their back up straight and their shoulders aligned can enlist the help of this powerful tool.


Another great idea is to use a posture corrector bra at the gym, since reliable support during vi-gorous physical activity is required for every size of the breast. A posture-friendly bra will absorb the shock of your movements, preventing micro-stretching of the skin and eventual sagging.

In pregnancy, the role of posture underwear cannot be underestimated. It is then that your body requires extra support for dealing with the increased weight of your front and relieving the pain in the back and neck caused by the shifted center of gravity.

Orthopedic bras look no different than regular underwear, and they are not visible under cloth-ing. You can combine this piece with a tee-shirt, a blouse, or a dress, with your entourage none the wiser of the heavy-duty boost for your new posture that you rock underneath your outfit.