Back Support Bra Plus Size

Linda Andreson/ March 7, 2021/ Healthy tips

Are you struggling with picking a bra that you can reach out for every morning? A well-fitted bra can make wonders for a woman’s self-esteem and wellbeing. Choosing underwear always needs some awareness, but it becomes a tricky quest when you have several problems to address. This is why posture corrector bras are the best choice for women in plus sizes.

The weight of the bust is a heavy burden for the back, shoulders and neck. However, a bra engineered to support your back will distribute the weight of your chest evenly, and you will no longer experience the stiffness and discomfort during the day. Thanks to the strategically applied compression vectors, shapewear bra will nudge your back muscles to work quite effortlessly.

Bras with posture correcting function are designed to prevent flab and the painful cutting into the skin. Back support bra is constructed with broader bands and back panel to prevent etching. It remains invisible under your clothes, but the lifting and shaping effect is, on the contrary, very obvious.

Why wear a posture corrector bra?

  • It helps to eliminate stiffness and pain in the neck, back and shoulders;
  • It makes it practically impossible to slouch
  • It aligns shoulders and restricts sliding back into bad posture position
  • It lifts and shapes the bust
  • It prevents perspiration and wicks moisture away
  • It improves breathing, digestion and the work of internal organs
  • Simply put, a posture corrector bra improves your life quality!

How do you pick the right model and size?

Always choose the circumference size that is comfortable for you, making sure the band does not etch into your skin. At the same time, there should be an adequate feeling of being “hugged” and supported by your bra, and this is why models with criss-cross back panel and wide wings are the best choice, especially for full-figured women. There should be no spillage over the top of the cups, nor should the cups feel too loose.

It helps to have the closure on the front of your bra: it is easier to put them on and off; besides, front closure bras are ideal for larger bosoms, since their main focus is on lifting the bust and relieving the neck.