Advertiser Disclosure

Given the purpose of this website to test, analyze and comment on the quality of products used in posture correction, we consistently mention brands and trademarks from the industry. We are associated with the aforementioned companies and trademarks to the extent that we are motivated to review the goods manufactured by them. This does not, however, imply that our opinion is influenced by the financial incentives received for mentioning of the products on our pages. The businesses who choose to have the information about their products published on our website cannot affect the results of reviews that our analysts come to during their tests. However, we can always give the precedence to mentioning of various products depending on the relevance of information and the nature of our relationship with any given brand, trademark or company. We do not guarantee the accuracy of the information and its being current and up-to-date, since the respective owners of the trademarks can change the information about prices and products on their end without asking us to update the data on our website. Thus, the current information about products mentioned on our website can be found on the websites of their respective manufacturers and/or retailers.